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About Us

We aim to cater for the needs of children and families through different services.

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What We Do


Preschool services for the community that are available to local parents.

Adult Education

Life long learning, we provide information and courses.

School Street Youth Project

We respond to youth needs with sport activities and outings.

Parent and Toddler Group

The Parent and Toddler group meet every Wednesday morning from 10:30 to 12pm. This group provides excellent opportunity for parents to meet other parents socially and for children to engage with their peers. Activities in Parent and Toddler group include arts and crafts, baking, song and play.

Baby Massage Group

This is a five programme for parents and babies from birth to 10 months. Baby Massage has huge benefits in facilitating the bonding process between babies and parents. It has also been well researched that baby massage contributes to digestion, circulation, colic and much more.

Women’s Group

The women’s group meets once a week from 11am to 12pm. This group works on the overall well-being of women living in the community. The programme takes a holistic approach to the well-being of participants with activities focusing on the physical, emotional and personal development of the individual. Activities include aerobics classes, nutritional advice, arts/ crafts, cooking and excursions. Please contact for further information.


The Rainbow Programme aims to support children and young people affected by loss through either the separation or death of a close family member. The Programme is suitable for children aged between 6-8 and 8-10 years old. The programme runs over a 14 week period which includes two excursions.

Parenting Programme

School Street Family Resource Centre provide the option of one-to-one or group on Positive Parenting. This is an 8 week programme in total and looks at tools to help parents with misbehaviours, tantrums, bonding and encouragement.

GROW Group

The GROW group meet every Tuesday evening from 6pm to 8pm with the aim of enhancing positive mental health of individuals living in the community.

Counselling Services

Accredited Psychotherapists/ Counsellors are available to facilitate you to explore your feelings offering a supportive perspective on lives and facilitating a clearer unbiased picture. Qualified child counsellors and play therapists are available within the Centre. This is a low cost service available from 9am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Fridays.

Employment Support Services

We provide support in Basic Computer skills. To assist with tasks such as setting up email addresses, on-line banking and C.V. development along with job applications.